A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – Watch Full Movie

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – Full Movie

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This is a very delightful movie. Yes there were flaws but that didn’t matter because it was so much fun. It’s one I hope to watch again. I hope to find the Will Rogers version.

this is precious, I remember reading the classic and watching the cartoon back in the late 70’s, I love this remake, great entertainment for kids and adults alike

I used to love watching this when I was younger. I remember developing an odd crush on Mordred despite him being evil and all lol but this is such a cute movie, thank you so much for posting 🙂

My father used to play it when i was a kid. And now i am 20 years old away from my home my parents and brother for studying and i remember this movie and now i miss them a lot.

Recorded this movie off the tv when I was a kid. It cut off the last 1/2 hour and I never saw the ending. I still watched it OVER AND OVER. So nice to finally see it all. lol Thanks.

OMG so happy to find this!!! KIDS need to watch more things like this!

The actors are so good, they keep in perfect character despite the obvious new take of the idea. As if it were Shakespeare at Stratfordn bless ’em, which is a lovely support for her, and makes it work, and gives to think. I think that Mark Twain would have gone for the idea as his own vision of the why of his story-telling in general as well..

I usually hate twists on classics…but this is quite charming and cute….

So great to see this again after all these years!

Wow I’ve been looking for this since I saw it when I was really little. I remember being really jealous that I couldn’t time travel. Thanks for the upload!

Cute and family friendly version of Mark Twain’s novel.
Thanks bunches.

Bruh I went from researching this novel at library for school to watching the whole movie lol It kind of reminds me of Midnight In Paris too.

Yay!!! I loved this movie as a kid!! Thank you so much for sharing!

thank you for posting this. I watched this as a kid in 1990s and I was looking for it. thank you

A great classic

thank you for the upload! miss this movie so much. Watched it as a kids

It’s supposed to be a cute kids movie and you people are so critical!
Also the King’s Nephew, Modrid is played by the guy who played the younger version of Jack/The Joker in Batman!

This brings back memories. Merlins bullshit spells used to make me laugh.

Still have this on VHS, nice to see a sharper copy!

I cant believe I just realized they made this a movie
I still cant believe i read the book…

I really love this movie it’s really beautiful and the actors are playing really good and i added another character which is Princess Alice the daughter of King Arthur and instead of Karen saying what she said to the guard it is Alice doing that.

what a cute movie.

1:13:49 she’s cleaning the arm or so it would reflect sun’s rays. Now that’s legit Knight in Shining Armour haha!

Thank you for posting it !!!!! 😍😍😍😍

You sorta wait for the Monty Python gang to show up as knights clapping coconuts together.


An adaptation of the classic novel by Mark Twain. If you woke up to find yourself 1500 years back in time, you’d think you were dreaming. That’s exactly what happens to 10-year-old Karen Jones when she falls off her horse. When she hits the ground, she’s back in the year 528, in England, near Camelot.

Director: Mel Damski
Stars: Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jean Marsh, Rene Auberjonois
TV Movie Adventure | Comedy | Family