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A Dangerous Place (Full Movie) Thriller Mystery Suspense

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An innocent woman is drawn into a terrorist plot to kill people through the mail using a deadly strain of tuberculosis. Paranoia will overwhelm a pharmaceutical executive when she is the only one who can save the nation from an epidemic.
Thriller. Mystery. Suspense

Directed by Gregory J. Corrado
Starring Kristen Dalton, Sal Rendino, Kevin Interdonato
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I guess I am among the few because I loved this movie! The selfish grieving mother in law who wanted to take everything reminds me of real life drama queens. Just goes to show we all grieve differently. The plot was good, great sound and quality of picture. I thought the story line was good but in my humble opinion the mother could be a bit dramatic. The theme of the movie shows that it’s not always a foreigner who wants to wreck disaster and havoc on a city but more times than often it’s a “good old boy”. Popcornflix you have spoiled me my day has been spent watching your movies! Thank you for the upload and the variety of movie choices……

Very very good movie. Everyone deals with loss in their own way. You should not be forced to deal with it the way others want. She is strong and was not having any of that. The son made me the saddest, he was having the hardest time dealing with his dad’s death, glad he finally got through it. They say a spirit remains behind when they feel they have work to do? And he helped his son and then his spirit was at rest. A very creative script that was well acted out. 👏👏

May 19th 2020-an incredible yet sad movie. The storyline was perfect and the cast were admirable. Thank you for sharing this fabulous upload. With everything that’s happening today globally; I’m not surprised if this movie is a blatant reality of the world we’re living in. Watching and enjoying this flick from Fiji. Stay safe y’all.

Powerful, aw inspiring, majestic and heart breaking all at the same time. Who could ever forget 911? Simply said, this movie was a genuine way of life for many. I loved it, I cried during it and I remembered it all only too well. Yes, the wife was a bit dramatic but, not so dramatic as what we all went through with so many deaths for no reason at all. God rest the firefighters and blessings to the families of the fallen.

A very smart movie, with messages on many levels. Plenty of suspense, drama and an
ending that was both hopeful and heartbreaking. 9/11 changed many things in the world as we
know it, as this film clearly demonstrates.

This made me cry. Powerful movie of loss,grief,hope,& healing.Never forget 911 & the innocent lives it took & effected❤🇺🇲

It’s brilliant, the ending was wonderful. Plots and twists for sure! I loved the movie. Thanks for sharing it with us!

SUCH a great “thinker’s” thriller! Heads above the rest! Thank you for this wonderful movie!!!

I’m a sucker for movies like this, the musical score is beautiful. The story line and actors are great. I cried.

WOW! What a great movie with an incredible ending! Can’t believe I took this long to watch it!

Fabulous movie. I enjoyed the plots and twists. Great storyline, cast was okay. Overall was a superb movie.

Great film, good quality and good story line. We need more movies of this calibre

WOW ! That was an excellent movie. My emotions went on a roller coaster ride watching it. Thanks so much for the upload !

Great movie.. the ending made me sad but was a happy ending. Hard to tell who the bad guy was until close to the end.

Kudos to all involved in this production. Truly awesome!!!

I loved this movie as well, and it’s true that everything that happens we are all quick to think the worst of each other… God Is Love…Love Is Light

a very suspenseful movie with twists. heart warming finale. GREAT

Wow, the mother had such natural beauty and strong spirit! I loved her character until the ending when she was having a quasi nervous breakdown.Stay strong to the end girl!! The choke scene was brutal, boy was he really mad! I just didn’t get how she managed to quit like 3X and ended right back in her office the next scene? Anyway, I give it a 6 out of 10. I liked the gist of the story and I liked the actors, even the crazed co worker/potential boyfriend. It just goes to show your enemies are VERY close to you. I would have rated it higher if it wasn’t for the irritating background music (stop it already!) and the camera tricks were silly and got in the way – can we just normally watch out how this plays out without the zooming in, out, up, down sideways? Geesh!

Give that kid an Emmy, Oscar and whatever else they got in gold, he was on point, on cue, and he got pancakes out the deal, that’s what’s up.