A Perfect Pairing starring Victoria Justice & Adam Demos | Watch Movie Trailer

A Perfect Pairing starring Victoria Justice & Adam Demos | Official Trailer | Netflix

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A light feel good romcom with good looking people – exactly what I needed

This will probably be one of those cheesy predictable romantic movies but am so looking forward to watching it

Victoria is finally back in her throes! I think this is her second Netflix film. She’s grown so much and I’m happier her mental health is better.

Another Victoria Justice movie that im going to watch for sure! This girl is amazing, im so happy she is getting more and more new roles she deserve the best!!

i’m so happy to see victoria justice in movies like seriously.. she’s so underrated and am happy she’s getting the recognition she deserves

Don’t get me wrong, I think a cheesy romcom is perfect, but I’d love to see Victoria Justice in other roles that aren’t so much like “Tori Vega”. Netflix should set her up in a well-written thriller or action movie or something because I can definitely see her in a James Bond type of movie.

I’m just so happy for Victoria. Just keeps getting Netflix movies and doing amazing in them all. I can’t wait for this one 🤭

Adam Demos always play the hot local guy in rom coms. 🤣 and I’m here for it.

I love Victoria in anything and I’m excited to see her in this new role 👏🏽

Being married to an Australian and I have been visiting Australia for over twenty years, I was hoping to not see so many cheesy stereotypes. I do love a romantic comedy and wine so I am hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised.