A safari by train – Getting up close to the monkeys, elephants and lions | Watch Full Documentary

A safari by train – Getting up close to the monkeys, elephants and lions | DW Documentary

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1970 marked the start of construction work on the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, or “Tazara” for short. Some 1,860 km of tracks were laid through thick forest, uninhabited savannah and mountainous terrain as part of one of Africa’s boldest infrastructure projects.

The route was inaugurated in 1976. It links the coastal city of Dar es Salam in northeastern Tanzania with the town of Kapiri Mposhi in central Zambia. Local people have an affectionate nickname for it – “Uhuru” or freedom, symbolizing the people’s hope for a more self-determined life. But some of the stations along the line have been out of operation for years.

Drivers always need to be on the lookout for monkeys, elephants, lions, hippos and giraffes. For passengers, the ticket includes a free safari.
Leaving the Selous Game Reserve behind, the Tazara enters the most dangerous and spectacular section of the route. Drone footage shows dramatic images of a largely unknown area sliced through by the railway line.

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Thank you for taking us on this desolate railway journey in the remote wilderness of Africa. These are places probably most of us won’t see in our lifetime. These documentaries depicting the challenges of people living in these regions open the world to viewers like me. It is sad to the that the dream of that gentleman sitting along with his girl friend in that decaying railway station may never materialize. Towards the end that music does lift up our spirits. Oh yeah, the commentator, her voice is so lovely!

And is also East Africa’s largest port….. is a status that Dar Es Salaam has never had. Ever. The Port of Mombasa has held that status for like 100years now (And before that it was Zanzibar) and at no point has Dar es Salaam ever reached even half what Mombasa handles.
In 2020 for example, Dar es Salaam handled 14.3 million tonnes.
Mombasa handled 30 million tonnes, more than double. Same to actual physical size as well.

Travel by train in undeveloped countries has an extra value, taste, colors. I hope that one day I will also be able to enjoy the Tazara because my love affair with trains started a while back. DW: Would you consider doing the same documentary for El Tren Patagonico that goes from Viedma to Bariloche in Argentina? That train ride through estepa patagonica is one of my life highlights. Cheers.

I have been watching your documentaries for a long time. There is a unique way that makes your documentaries stand out. Thanks for taking us to the unreachable places on Earth. Keep it up

I have traveled the TAZARA so many times and every time feels like the first time. This documentary does it justice. And especially since traveling during the day is a rare and welcome treat.

What an awesome adventure that must have been!💛

DW have really been consistent in making high quality documentaries. I love the narrators voice. Her voice is soothing and interesting. Keep up the excellent quality work DW.

Im HAVE to ride this train one day. What a beautiful scenery. DW never disappoints

Great stuff DW this story resonates with our railway lines here in Kenya that are dilapidated and out off touch that were meant to boost investments to locals but ended up being white elephants

Very informative and eye opening information. No need for the click bait, we already appreciate and are thankful for what the various individuals who make DW global do.

One of the best video from you guys. Just beautiful. Portrayed people & their surroundings eloquently.

Interesting documentary. Tanzania/Zambia is beautiful.

Such a beautiful journey and documentary… thank you DW ♥️

Been watching dw tv since 2007 .. lot of memories with this channel… n plus the documentaries are so good…. 👍

I as a Tanzanian citizen I’m very happy and proud that you made a documentry from my country. Keep it up your work is very much appriciated.

I just liked it before watching. Yet another great documentary from the master of all documentaries_DW. If it is a good documentary, surely it must be DW.
Documentary at its best. Releasing almost every day. Very professional indeed.

Fantastic! DW, u folks ALWAYS have the very best Documumentaries! Would just love to go on this train, someday, what an adventure! THANK U SO MUCH! 🥰