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Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie | Brigitte Kingsley

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Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising – A beautiful super soldier named Summer Vale must fight to save the planet from destruction by an evil Demon-God from a parallel universe. *SUBSCRIBE TO SCI-FI

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Michael Ironside always improves a movie.

How they deliver a humor is actually impressive, you know

Had me hooked from the very silly beginning, lots of fun!!! Thank you Sci-Fi, seasons Greetings, be safe. 😂😂👏👏

This was a totally FUN movie! Not a comedy, but fun! Great on all levels.

Enjoyed! thank you for uploading, and 100% thumbs up!

That scores for all round good value entertainment!4/5!

Love this series of movies. Brigitte is also one of the best people I have ever met.

Despite the bad writing and the assholes characters with no redeeming qualities ( i actually was rooting for the bad guys except for bulo he was really well written) it was surprisingly enjoyable and fun to watch ..