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When friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course, they accidentally unleash an ancient power that threatens the fate of the world.
**Under non-exclusive license from Level 33 Entertainment. All rights reserved**
2017. Stars: Derek Ting, Marikah Cunningham, Eric Keitel

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About two thirds thru . The landscape shots are incredible. Someone shoots these like a pro. Even the acting is pretty natural. This is cinematography as its finest and adds to the movie, if you like movies where shots are carefully thought thru with dialogue that advances the plot and character. Outstanding. 👍 the hostile alien theme is just a ploy to give et’s a bad name. But bashing aliens is SOP, borrowed military jargon woven here. But altered reality theme sure explains the Pyramids, among others.

Excelente pelicula, no se necesitan millones para hacer un buen film

This seems like a prequel to another movie I’ve watched I can’t think of the name of the movie though

if this had been filmed on the coast i wouldn’t have made it through , standard monster flic with all the usual lines…..but i love the desert , so stayed for the scenery….

Awesome, actually showing Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment and tannerite is always a plus. Yee Yaah!

Very educational

Den var okay film 🎬🤩

Hoping jason bourne movies be uploaded too, pls. Thank you.