Alessia Cara – Best Days

Alessia Cara – Best Days

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It’s insane how everything she writes is so personal to her, yet resonates with so many people. It’s the definition of “you’re not alone”. Somebody else, so many other people, feel this way, too. It’s sad, but also comforting.

I feel like this realization really hits you once you become a young adult. You suddenly realize your childhood is behind you and your teen years are over and there is no turning back. You canʼt relive it, you only have the memories left that you go back to once in a while when adult life feels too overhwhelming. You feel like an adult child because youʼll never be this young again but itʼs also the first time youʼve been this old. And itʼs all so confusing and time never really lets you breathe really. The anxiety and stress that come along with this epiphany are crushing. As the line in the song says, “What if everything else stays the same for my whole life”, I think that is what I fear the most as well.

She is the only ONLY artist who can manage to convey such SADNESS RAWNESS AND REALITY in lyrics like this, when a song leaves you thinking, overthinking, crying THAT’S when you know she is 1) AMAZING REAL ARTIST 2) CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED.

Can we take a moment just to appreciate what a gift Alessia and her music is to the world. ❤️❤️

I don’t think people understand how much of a gift Alessia’s music is to the world. People need to wake up quick and give her her flowers while she’s still here.

She deserves the world man. Her music is so underrated.

With covid-19 & the global pandemic, this song really resonates with me. I feel like my 20s are going by. No matter what time point I face in my life, Alessia brings forth raw authentic emotions that really connect with me and the feelings that I am facing.

this song is exactly what I’m feeling, everyday, every single second, not being able to move forward and feeling shallow and sad because of what I’ve lost, trying to move forward, possibly forcing myself but feels like there’s no hope and being stuck with the mean days, it’s a realisation of growing up that not everything is unicorn and rainbows and this is hardest lesson I’ve learned at the age of 18

I just lost both of my parent. Mama on 18/9 & Dad follow by 10 days later 28/9 due to covid. Its the most heartbreak I’ve received before my 27th birthday this 9th Oct. I’ve lost my angels that took care of me. Listening to this song, crying it all out “but the hardest pill to swallow is the meantime.” No words. Thank you for this Ms Alessia Cara.