Alessia Cara – You Let Me Down

Alessia Cara – You Let Me Down

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I love how she represented these relationships having two people but only one trying to maintain it. Making an effort alone, walking with one step, showing how unstable this relationship dynamic can be. Becoming the hopeless romantic, being the lover, giver and not the receiver. Such a nice music video, love her so much ❤️❤️

Having discovered her since before she was famous, it really is eye-opening to see how far she’s come. I mean her third album? Insane. This music video? Love it! I hope she never stops.

I love her simplicity. One of the most underrated artists in my opinion.

Alessia’s music always makes me feel so many different emotions that I don’t think I’d even experience without her songs/mvs.

Alessia Cara’s songs always manage to punch me straight in the gut. Her lyricism is just breathtaking. Both her Growing Pains album and In the Meantime album are the type of songs that you go back to in different stages of your life when you experience different types of love. Thank you so much for all the emotions I’m feeling Alessia ❤️

Alessia Cara, essa mulher merece todo reconhecimento do mundo

I’m a new fan I just discovered her last year, and I love all of her music, she works so hard and she never disappoints, I can’t wait for this music video it’s my favorite song off of this album and I love her sm! 💙✨🧡✨💙✨🧡

This girl really deserves more recognition in her latest works. One of the few artists who really has got meaningful messages in amazing songs.

Alessia você é o ser humano mais perfeito do mundo todo, entenda isso. Você é a ARTISTA da década. 💛