Alesso & Katy Perry – When I’m Gone Lyrics

Alesso & Katy Perry – When I’m Gone (Official Lyric Video)

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The song will repeat

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The pop is back, the production is back, the vocals are back, even her iconic black hair is back. THERE’S NO EXCUSE TO NOT MAKE IT A HUGE HIT YALL!

This song NEEDS to be a huge massive hit around the world.

Glad Katy is back to what she does best! Hopefully more DJ collabs from her this year as she picks them well

Let’s do 5-7m views for the official video on its first day, I know we can do this <3

Well, she’s right. She will always be my favorite pop star and no one can replace her

Guys remember to stream on spotify. Right now we should focus on spotify until the music video comes out with more promo. Let’s make WHEN I’M GONE a hit!!!

If this doesn’t blow up I’ll be shocked and disgusted. It’s so good!

You’re all loving it here… Why not show her you really love it!! Make it number 1 on your local radio station!!! For Katy!!