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Alien Reptilian Legacy | Reptilians Living On Earth Documentary

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Alien Reptilian Legacy – There has been an underlying darkness controlling humanity since time began. Often described as the “missing piece in the puzzle” by David Icke, or the “Invisible Darkness” by Ellis Taylor, the Reptilians are the shadow beings in the dark, waging war upon humans from the space between dimensions. One of the most taboo subjects in the world media is the existence of the Reptilians. Researchers now reveal the presence of a supreme and nefarious inter-dimensional intelligence that has been manipulating mankind for centuries. An unprecedented expose on the Reptilians on Earth, hear riveting testimony from alien abductees and experiencers that point to a sinister agenda behind the alien presence on Earth. “Staggering evidence that Shadow People are indeed very real.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies. “Very scary, we are just now understanding this manipulation of the human race.” – United Media Network. “Too many people are having these experiences, there’s something to it.”
2015. Stars: David Icke, Peter Maxwell Slattery, James Oates

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There is certainly no denial that the real world is larger than the third dimensional construct we’ve been feared into believing.

I had an experience when I was about 16 &/or 17yr’s old. I was walking down a road, & at certain portion of it there was a huge clearing/no tree’s, or thick brush blocking my view of the sky. To my surprise, & delight, I saw two metallic, chrome-like spheres just hovering next to one another in the sky! It was a completely clear night, with nothing to distract me; & appeared to me that these objects were under intelligent, control, & they were just as interested in me, as I were they. Suddenly the objects disappeared!! Of course everyone that I had mentioned this to assumed that I was high on something, & just imagined the entire event. I can still visualize these crafts as if I saw them yesterday. I am now 58yr’s old….

In one word, BRILLIANT….in two words…simply amazing, Incredible intro (vital imo) with a very smooth transition between segments. Great research, which creates the meat of the documentary, along with amazing information gathered through actual interviews and testimonies. Seamless segment formatting,100% quality, award winning editing and ground breaking journalism …bravo sir.

You know you’ve been down the youtube rabbit hole when the algorithm starts recommending these videos to ya LOL

I can’t believe this is still on YouTube, maybe there’s hope after all

I can listen to David Icke talk about this subject all day.

Makes you wonder if the movie “They Live” really was a documentary after all