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ANGELYNE Trailer 2 (2022) Emmy Rossum, Martin Freeman

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Unless you lived in LA during the 80s to 90s, you may not realize how very special this woman is to Angelenos. A sighting of Angelyne in her bright pink car made your day, and everyone knew that she was supposed to be really sweet as well. A true legend! 💜

I cannot wait to see this. I lived in Hollywood in 1984 and passed her billboards all the time. Later I moved to the valley and saw her driving her pink Corvette right beside me one day when I was on my way home from UCLA, right next to me on the northbound 405! I lived by Monroe High School for almost 30 years only to find out later that’s where she went to school, when it finally came out in 2017. We all speculated about her when we first saw those billboards and her picture on the side of that building. Can’t wait to see her whole story. ☺️

Wow Emmy is unrecognizable. Can’t wait to see this. I also love Martin Freeman

I can’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing about Angelyne. I’m a 2000s kid from the UK so that might be why. But after doing my research I’m so happy this series is being made with Emmy Rossum, she was very underrated in Shameless and this is a completely different role which just shows Emmy’s range. Emmy deserves a Emmy. Also, what song is playing in this trailer? I can’t find it anywhere.

Back in 2011 I worked at Michaels in Ventura county, and she would come in every week. Dressed colorful, soft voiced, and respectful. Very lovely lady.

I’ve only seen Emmy in ‘Shameless’. Her acting ability is magnificent here as well!

Being from Hollywood myself I remember you could See those billboards right from my apartment building in the 90s. Angelyne still drives that pink corvette around Hollywood and West Hollywood. I occasionally see it in the parking lot of my local grocery store.