Anna Nicole Smith: The Final 24 – Watch Full Documentary

Anna Nicole Smith: The Final 24 (Full Documentary)

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“It’s February 7, 2007. Anna Nicole Smith, the famous American model, is in Fort Lauderdale to buy a boat but she’s been so sick she hasn’t been able to leave her hotel suite. In 24 hours she will be dead.

S2 EP02

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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Anna Nicole really died from grief. As much as she was poisoned by alcohol & pills she couldn’t get over Daniel’s death. Hopefully Dani will know the best parts of her as she grows older.

Now everyone is praising for her, but in her lifetime, everyone made fun of her. People are so cruel.

Can you just imagine the agony of losing your son while in hospital after just giving birth? The confusion and grief must have been unbearable. No wonder she wanted to escape reality.

“She wasn’t really generous with her money,”SHE DIDNT NEED TO BE

She certainly did not loose her looks because of her fluctuating weight. Anna’s a knockout at any size ❤

She cried herself to sleep every night holding a picture of herself and her boy. Heartbreaking. I hope they are together in a better place now.