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Ares 11 | Full Sci-Fi Drama Movie | Space Survival

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Ares 11 – Four crew members of a military spacecraft are faced with an unfathomable dilemma after their ship is attacked, leaving them only enough air for two of them to return to base alive. In a fight for survival, each crew member must decide whether they are to accept their fate or betray their friends, as tensions rise and the air slowly leaks from the crippled spacecraft.

Stars: David Hyland, Patricia Storch, HavreDe Hill

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Excellent tale of the dark side of humanity. I felt such sorrow for these four. The lullaby part was humorous. I wonder if anyone knows without a doubt what they’d do in such a situation. Probably most of us like to think we’d play fair and draw the dice and accept our fate. Until we’re actually faced with life or death, do we really know? Well done, very well acted and written story.

This scenario based theme is well worth delving into as a filmmaker….The character depths exposed and feelings discovered at the brink….Nobody wants to die.The alternative is to find a way to stay alive!The sound,acting and cinematography,combined with good editing on a budget,delivers an all out performance that is convincing enough to be a good view.DYING TRYING is better than

INSANE MOVIE! Very simple premise, played absolutely well and supported by brilliant actors.

Spinning morale out of control and ending up with nothing at all! 3.5/5!

Excellently executed low budget film. I’m glad I gave it a chance. Bravo!

The most tense Sci-Fi I’ve ever watched, fantastic acting

This kind of reminds me of a movie, can’t remember the name. But a young girl stowed away on a very small, basically disposable spacecraft taking medication to a space colony. Her added weight meant the ship didn’t have enough fuel to make the trip. She wanted to see her brother.

The pilot was forced to remove her out the airlock. No alternatives. She had to go. It was sad.

This held me through to the end creds (including gag 😉 ). Terrific acting achievement, essentially a four-hander, not a weak performance in sight. Small budget overcome by excellent acting, strong script, tight plot, nice shooting and clever set design from multi-talented ensemble. Would make a very tourable play – just a thought. What started off as seemingly straight drama, reveals a dark humour which adds another whole dimension. Hats off 👏👏👏