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Thrust together to fix and flip their childhood lake house in Branson, a pair of belligerent brothers find that home repair isn’t so easy when you are drunk on tropical beverages and reigniting sibling rivalry. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong as a series of hilarious mishaps with local cops, friendly

Director: Todd Sklar
Starring: Christopher Meloni, Laura Ramsey, Zahn McClarnon, Keeley Hazell Henry Zebrowski, Josh Fadem, Brett Gelman, Jon Gabrus, D.C. Pierson, Yakov Smirnoff

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This is probably the most underrated indie comedy ever….I’ve watched this movie like six times and I rarely watch movies twice. People that don’t find this movie hilarious and relatable…makes me think they might be clones or pod people if you know what I’m saying.

This movie was freakin hilarious. Loved itπŸ˜„

James should be in more movies.. He’s doing great and I pray for him too go further In the business. Donut media wouldn’t be the same without him

I honestly love this movie πŸ˜‚ me and my brother watched it, we had laughs- and we got in a fight πŸ˜… but yuh I rlly like this movie πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚

I’m not even 10 minutes in and I’m already in love with this movie so hard

This was worth sitting up and watching at 3:00 am. Fun, funny! The pandemic has me bass ackwards for time, when you aren’t working.

Ohhhh! I may have cracked a couple ribs. Laughing isn’t supposed to hurt. πŸ™‚ — Thank you Popcornflix!

“Don’t let my jacket touch the ground!” Oh my gosh, this movie is so stupid, it’s funny! I can’t stop watching it! This movie is not for everybody. My wife definitely would not like it. I’m about two-thirds of the way through. Gotta get back to watching it. Enjoy it if you decide to watch it!

This movie is well worth watching and so funny too!

Very good – I didn’t want it to end!

Yes funny and peed my pants laughing! Great movie, Thank you!

A GREAT COMEDY , plays in Missouri , super acting and offbeat humour.

With a brother like that guy I would definitely be an only child. 🀫

Very funny movie!! I live in the area that the film is set in, so it made the film even better for me!

As if there’s a family that doesn’t have siblings fight like this!

Funny movie. Not bad at all,worth watching.

Okay I loved this movie.

Good movie..very chill and mellow πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘½

It is a good movie. Ill admit, im easily pleased, lol, id watch it twice, maybe, thrice🀣😎🀣