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Baby Fever: Season 1 | Official Teaser | Netflix

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This is why Netflix is losing subscribers. Stop prioritizing the shows no one cares for. HBO max is stealing your subscribers because one reason premium content. There’s nothing to watch on Netflix no new watchable streaming content. There’s nothing to look forward to. Anime fans do not care for your one piece live action adaptation, because we lost faith after cowboy bebop. Netflix was a giant in 2018 because the content was good shows like, Daredevil, Luke cage, Jessica jones, punisher, altered carbon had us invested. There’s still some content on Netflix like Arcane and stranger things, but Arcane season 2 may take years to finish and most people lost interest in stranger things as well. Instead of making new good stories yall doubled down on wokeness and it’s not even good writing. Y’all should’ve doubled down on Zach Snyders army of the dead. Matter fact y’all should’ve created a Netflix movie verse through him and put shows like these to rest.

I love shows from Europe, their writing is pretty damn good

Netflix you gotta understand… Don’t be like quantity over quality…. You cancel many shows and then bring a new set of shows and then again you cancel whole lot. There are many series which needs to be renew after season one which you guys never respond to them. Please organize yourself

Where is the second season of Kings of Joburg? I’m so very close to canceling my membership!

If advertisements/commercials start appearing on Netflix I will CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION without hesitation

I don’t want to comb through the generic or boring looking shows on netflix….I used netflix for the quality not the variety…..people want to be entertained at the end of the day…..I literally look at the fake “popular” or “trending” categories manipulated by your algorithm (poorly written algorithm) and I just switch it off and do something else….for instance….the top five shows trending last month in my corner of the globe were the definition of Something the stereo typical housewife would care about….like really inventing Anna…the tinder swindler….that’s something you mention in passing, not something you waste hours watching…..that’s what I mean by housewife….someone who doesn’t have a whole lot going on in their life so that entertains them…..

Crypto currency and NFTS will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% profit from my current investment🤑

No wonder Netflix is losing its subscribers

Lool keep collapsing Netflix

Omg…you’d better spend that money on a new season of mind hunter…