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Battle Beneath The Earth | Full Classic Sci-Fi Action Movie | Retro Science Fiction!

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Battle Beneath The Earth – Fanatic Chinese Army General Chan Lu is using advanced machinery to dig under major US cities where he will place atomic bombs in an attempt to conquer the US. US Navy Commander Jonathan Shaw investigates and takes it to his superiors. Shaw is then ordered to lead troops underground to defeat the Red Army and defuse the bombs.
1967. Stars: Kerwin Mathews, Viviane Ventura, Robert Ayres
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I’ve been thinking about this movie for months now. Saw it many years ago. Was thinking how grand it would be to see it again. Never knew the name of this movie.

Kind of had a 60’s Man from Uncle feel to it. loved it!

I remember seeing this in the theater as a Saturday & Sunday matinee. The theater always had cheesy science fiction & fantasy movies on weekend afternoons.

This movie, Journey to the 7th Planet, The Green Slime, King Kong VS Godzilla, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Valley of Gwangi, Project X, 5 million Years to Earth, great times & memories.

My family & I saw this at a drive-in in ’69 when I was 13 or so. I thought it was really cool. I never forgot it as I did most old movies. I’ve only come across it once or twice since then. It’s rare & very hard to find. So glad someone uploaded it. Gonna enjoy it as if it’s the last time I’ll ever get to see it again.

I’ve often thought of this movie over the decades too. I saw it in study hall at the Jr. High school where I went. They had iconic movies like Robinson Caruso on Mars, etc. I still even remember the tunneling lasers murdering several men who discovered the enemy beneath, in this one. Great music score too. The one thing which I forgot was that the end was a nuclear detonation. But then, I haven’t seen this movie in nearly 50 years.

Thank you so much for downloading this movie. I had heard of it but never saw it. Kerwin and I communicated a lot by letters and photos. He sent me an autographed photo. This was in 2001, but he had to stop as his eyesight was getting poor. What a wonderfully kind and educated man. He had a great sense of humor, also. I sent a sympathy card to his partner after his death. I cherish the letters, cards and personal photos he sent me.