bbno$ – mathematics

bbno$ – mathematics

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The song will repeat

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one of my favorites of yours baby ❤️❤️

Dude… This song slaps harder then my uncle 👏

I love how he always looks like he’s having fun in these music videos

having listened to your shit back in like late 2016 to sitting here waiting for your new songs to premiere is incredible, the improvement, growth, changes of style, everything, good shit baby, the success is beyond deserved

holy hell this slaps

this definitely a big deal like TJ Maxx

bbno$ sempre vai estar no meu coração, mesmo eu não entendo inglês eu acho as música bem tocantes então… bbno$ pra sempre 😔✊

He better be semi staying automatic, money adding, then multiplying. If you’d like you can call it mathematics

I love that you never take yourself too seriously, loved this video, super fun

Isso soa tão bom quanto um dia frio pela manhã. 😀❤️