bbno$ – piccolo

bbno$ – piccolo (Official Video)

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This song has changed my life so much since it came out. I use to eat junk food everyday and now since it came out i am ripped. muscles on muscles. thanks bbno$

Before I was blasting this song I was a virgin incel that severely hated women. Thanks to this song I’ve managed to turn my life around, get married, and even have kids! Applauds to you bbno$ for changing my life.

bbno$ is the only one that never disappoint on a song

MAN every song that comes out of bbno$ is honestly such a darn bop you are literally my favorite artist keep up the good work!

I’m becoming too dependent on new drops from bb

Sorry baby, but I’ll be with the bois.

I use to be off the drugs and weigh 115 pounds. Now I’m a muscular 207 and I owe it all to Bbno$. Thanks Bbno$!

Before this song came out I was lonely, depressed and a virgin. Now my sister is pregnant and we couldn’t be happier than ever, truly thank you bbno$ for helping me find the love of my dreams.