Beauty and the Least Watch Full Movie Comedy Drama

Beauty and the Least (Full Movie) Comedy, Drama

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Actually a really good movie! Made this old ex-biker shed a tear! We all have something in our past that only God can forgive…

I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!
The main actors did a great job. Really great! The supporting cast is pretty good too overall. Easy to not like ‘the bad guys’, easy to see the ‘wayward’ are actually good folks.
Had this found a major studio it could draw multiple awards, in my opinion.
Watch it even if you aren’t ‘into’ movies that touch on religion.

What a pleasant surprise! Even though the film touched on serious problems, it left you with hope…and the characters are just that, really hilarious characters. Loved it!

The whole movie! Great in so many ways, too many to count, just great to watch and think about. Thanks! Good character development and story line.
Makes me happy!

This was an amazing story/movie!!!! One of the best I have seen in awhile. The integrity of the acting – well done!!

Enjoyed the movie. Its subtle but was able to show goodness still exist. The actors carried their characters so well. Ben and his buddies may look sloppy but their dialogues show they are nice and educated boys.

Oh wow, for a free movie I’m really impressed! I wish I had had that kind of love in my life. Beautiful scenery and Ben Banks was a great character. Really different kind of storyline, and an ending that’s warmed my heart. I’m definitely not a rom com fan, but this was great 😁✌🏻

What a really great movie. Makes so much sense to me! Makes me think about my past and what could have been with that special someone. She met another guy in the Air force, had a few kids. But she was what I thought was to be the one. Well, anyway. great film. I can see this happening in real life, (-) the porn star shenanigans.

Fun sweet flick! Totally enjoyed its mellow development and charming real-to-life characters. The more I think about it the more I like it. Put a warm smile on my face and in my heart! Enjoy!

Started out slow but it was a movie about stoners after all. Ended up very sweet and genuine. Loved the sound track. Liked how both main characters held each other accountable for their different vices and made each other to be better person. I’m Christian not Mormon but liked the application of who are we to judge since none are without sin.

Nice movie, almost a comic book. Cheesy villians and beautiful good guys, so classic. I have always watched ALL the credits; Gem found. “(No cats were put in sacks)”
You let the cat out of the bag. You can’t put it back. Thanks to all involved.

What a great movie!!! really enjoyed how the story rolled out! Hard to find good flicks like this these days!

I was bored and find something to watch.this movie touched my heart.its not that kind that intense.but the story was really nice.i wish there’s a lot more like Ben in real life.

great story and the lead. just a perfect example that true love prevails! five stars for this movie.


A hopeless slacker, portrayed by the character’s real-life namesake, finds his ambition awakened by a gorgeous waitress who is hiding from her past. Strong emotions compel Ben to find the mogul who is distributing pictures of his new squeeze.

Directed by Bryce Clark
Starring Ben Banks, Katharine Towne, Mischa Barton