Becky Hill, David Guetta – Remember Lyrics

Becky Hill, David Guetta – Remember

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Remember Lyrics

I’m doing just fine now its over
I’ve been moving on and living my life
But occasionally I lose composure
And I can’t get you out of my mind

If I could go
Back in time
I’d do things differently yeah I wouldn’t think twice
I distract myself
Think of someone else
But every now & then you remind me

It’s only when I’m lying in bed on my own
And I wake up and I don’t see your name on my phone
It’s in the moments where I think that I’m better alone
That’s when I remember
That’s when I remember

Every time I walk past your house in the rain
And I tell myself that you were the biggest mistake
And just when I think I’m finally doing ok
That’s when I remember
That’s when I remember

My friends tell me I shouldn’t listen
To the voices that go round in my head
So I try to delete all the memories
But you’re really hard to forget

I’m missing you
I’m missing you

Most liked comments about the video

This song sounds so nostalgic.. yet it’s 2020s. Becky’s voice fits this track really well. And David Guetta doesn’t disappoint with this dance track. I’ll always Remember this absolute tune!

her voice was meant for this kind of music.. and David Guetta, as always, keeps making great sounds.

I haven’t had a song give me the goosebumps for a long long time. Literally just jumped in my car to hear this song on.. be still my heart. Ty for an unbelievable song guys! Love Kristal from Sydney Australia xo

I can relate to this song so much,it’s exactly how I feel about my ex, but it also lifts me up because of dancey and upbeat it is. One of my Fave songs

Becky Hill is amazing. Her vocals make me feel it in my bones.

Absolutely love this tune and the video, i think it’s her best one yet, every time it comes on the radio it gets cranked right up !!.
You know you have made it big when you are collaborating with someone huge like David Guetta.
Every track she does she just kills it 🔥, such an amazing voice and so confident in front of the camera or mic (those eyes seem to draw you in lol).
Can’t wait for her Album to be released, pre ordered it from Amazon 👍

I know this song just premiered but it reminds me of the music I would listen to between 2010-2018 and I LOVE IT. For some reason its hard for me to get into a lot of the newer house music, but this is different and I. AM. OBSESSED.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something super intriguing and special about her voice. Love it.

This song been on repeat the last few days 🔥😍

I found this song from the brit awards when she won i have been addicted to it one of my favourite songs Becky hill should definitely become more known she is as good as adele

One of my fave artists/vocalists, collaborating with one of the legends of dance music production? I knew it was going to be amazing, and it didn’t disappoint one bit. The video, dancers, sets and all are brilliant as well. Lucky I caught this when it premiered, and there will be many more listens ahead.

Love this song n video clip.. so suits her!! Knew she would be a huge hit!! Bigger than ever!! So glad she went on the voice!! Love her!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

Becky your voice is absolutely amazing it enchants me every time I listen to your songs its so powerful thank you so much for what you bring to this world

As a middle aged woman who listened to legendary 70,s then grew into a 20, something lass with 80,s, 90,s .. I lived through a good few dance tunes .. this tune is up there with the best , trust me ,. RESPECT 👍

This song will be one of songs where it will never gets old with me I love this song sooooo much ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥