Ben Platt – Imagine

Ben Platt – Imagine [Official Video]

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I have been with husband for 30 years, but this song makes me nostalgic and realize I can’t imagine my life without him. Thanks, Ben.

This song and video perfectly capture the euphoric feeling of loving someone so much, you just want to scream and explode rainbows everywhere.

I can’t imagine my life without Ben platt’s songs.

A round of applause to whoever is making Ben this happy

Seriously, Ben just takes me to another place when I hear his voice and his music. I get butterflies, I can’t really explain it, I just feel like good times are ahead or something.

Most definitely one of my favourite artists in a long time. THANK YOU Ben 🙏🙏 for giving me an escape from this sometimes shitty world. I know things will always be good when I have your music to listen to.

This song sounds like a song that would play during the credits of a movie

This is such rom-com vibes when the guy finally realized he is in love with his best friend and running to a crowded place in slo-mo to find the love of his life