Blasterjaxx x Prezioso x LIZOT – Hurricane

Blasterjaxx x Prezioso x LIZOT – Hurricane (feat. SHIBUI) [Official Music Video]

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The song will repeat

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Algo diferente de Blasterjaxx, el track es Thunder 2.0 pero sinceramente a mi me gusta! A esperar nomás el Festival Mix/Big Room Mix y obviamente los IDs que tienen pendiente 🔥

dope uplifting basslines on this hits literally sick. such a massive blaster-banger creation u guys just made 💥🌪️🎵🔥

Wow! I really loved listening to this song. It’s so euphoric and mind-blowing.

Amazing track with great vocals and catchy drop, very very similar to Thunder of Lum!x and Prezioso, but I enjoy it as much as the other! Well done!!🔥😍

Oh I’m loving this, and I’m drilling on my playlist, blasterjaxx forever!

Everytime you make us surprise with a new tone and bass. Also, we are eagerly waiting for newish.

Another collab of Blasterjaxx!! This track is Thunder 2.0 but really i like both tracks, can’t wait for Festival Mix 🔥🔥🔥