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BLOWBACK Trailer (2022) Randy Couture, Action Movie

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The song will repeat

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I feel like I already watched the whole movie. Iā€™m being nice here, deserves 1 star šŸ„²

If this does well, the sequel will be titled ‘ Recoil’.

If both do well, there will be a prequel called ‘Revolver’.

Then a franchise called ‘ Breech Loader’, ‘Flintlock’, ‘Dog Lock’, etc etc etc

Well one thing they got right is the title cause this movie BLOWS.

This has Oscar written all over it.

I remember fighting this dude in the beatdown.

Chase the McGuffin! A whole movie long. With way too handsome chosen actors, pretending to be tough. Snore.

Looks like Cam Gigande is back to work.

This is 3000 Miles to Graceland without the sideburns.

seems like Parker 2.0 the crew double cross him so he goes hunting for them and getting his case back.