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When a highway building crew begins digging in the vast Arizona desert, the local police find themselves with several grisly murders. In these bizarre murders, the victims have had their bones removed by a means that even the medical community can’t explain! Unwittingly, the crew has unleashed an ancient Indian spirit, the Bone Eater, who is exacting revenge.

Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Walter Koenig, Michael Horse.
Directed by Jim Wynorski (2007)

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Enjoyed it very much! thank you!

I thought this movie was interesting , I loved the part where the skeleton was riding a ghost horse , totally awesome . Being part Iroquois , don’t mess with ancient burial grounds , you never know what you’ll be up against , either the Indian nation or the spirits of the dead . Good movie , thanks for posting .

Why do they keep shooting bullets at a skeleton? 😂🤣

I have been looking for this movie for years now thank you so much 😊

Very good movie thank u so much for it

I love the horror genre. I have a question. Have we become so desensitized that true horror films no longer scare us? I find myself laughing at all these “so called REPEAT horror flicks”, same story lines, similarities with characters, or is it just me? Will be 52 years old this month. I have seen almost every horror film in the US. I began watching those from abroad 12 years ago. Personally I like the B movies better than mainstream.

I haven’t seen bone eater before I’ve heard of it but never seen it, I didn’t realise that there were some of the actors from babylon 5 on it’s nice to see Walter Koenig play a good guy alongside Bruce Boxleitner

The bone eater must have really bad breath! 😂

Wow, The Greatest American Hero still looks young, and the Tales of the Gold Monkey got grey!