BoyWithUke – Understand

BoyWithUke – Understand (Official Video)

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The song will repeat

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I swear this bouta hit harder than my dads belt

i’m so proud of you dude!

This guy is just…. too underrated it’s just unbelievable

Love this song so much <3

Honestly unreal… this is what the music industry has needed for a long time

he is the one the chosen one he is going to bring balance to introverts,depressed ,stressed , anxious and all the others suffering from social problems .

This song is a work of art, it feels like it’s a perfect resolution to escaping and getting over a bad relationship. While I’m unable to resonate with some lines due to never being in a relationship, I already know that thousands will understand exactly how that feels. Despite this, I can still feel the heart poured into this song, and the lyrics feel exactly how I felt getting out of a problematic friendship.

I am screaming silently and it’s 3am rn. Why are your songs always hype me up? 🔥🔥🔥

Loved the song and this music touches deep in my body, mind, soul, spirit, divinity, and entity.

I am somewhere in this video without a mask, and it’s not where you would expect it…