BRIAN AND CHARLES Trailer (2022)

BRIAN AND CHARLES Trailer (2022) Comedy Movie

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OMG!! I loved this short film when I first saw it about 5 years ago. I am so thrilled it has been developed into a feature movie. I can hardly wait!!!!

What a flipping joy – such talent. Can’t wait : – )

Aw this seems charming and funny, can’t wait to see it!

From tiny acorns and all that. So glad this got picked up – loved the beginnings of this story when you created it Mr Earl. Wishing you every success.

This is awesome ❤️ Can’t wait!!!

Looks great! I wanna see this now!

I love that. The world also needs more village mad scientists.

I feel blessed to be alive in a time when so many clever and wonderful people are alive who’s aim is to be rich ! 😂 sorry to give absolutely pure pleasure to people like me.

Watch trailer now! Eh? I’m literally right here, watching the trailer, now.

so it’s worse than a robot…it’s a rebellious teenager.