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Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Free Documentary Nature

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The rich and famous have a penchant for finding the most beautiful places and claiming it for their own. Capri has been a playground and popular hideaway since ancient times and has remained one to this day, with thousands if not millions of tourists visiting every year. But Capri’s most famous spot is not on the island, but below it: La Grotta Azzurra!

When the sea is calm, Roberto rows tourists into the “Blue Grotto” in a tiny boat and serenades his guests; the acoustics naturally phenomenal, he hopes for generous tips. There is competition among the paying guests, rumors circulating that some nationalities are more generous than others. Nobody wants to look like a cheapskate, much to Roberto’s delight.

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I had the good fortune of being stationed in Naples for five years. My Saturdays in the summer, snorkeling with friends and exploring the grottos on Capri were some of my favorite memories.

Great video. Been to the Amalfi coast twice. But, disappointingly, they left out the best part of Capri. Emperor Tiberius’ palace! I’m shocked that wasn’t included in the documentary.

Beautiful! It looks so much like my country Greece especially Santorini.

Great video that depicts life on the Almalfi Coast. I really do hope that the mules are being cared for…adequate rest, good nutrition and care. Surprised that the vet only visits once per year!

An enchanting island that I read about in a Spike Milligan books when he visited at the end of the second world war, he wrote how wonderful it was before the tourists trade.

This place is heaven on earth, l really want to spend some time there, it’s absolutely beautiful.😘

Great video…With absolute respect, to Italy, to the people of Italians, to the beautiful diverse Italian culture, to nature, and so on., from the South-Eastern, Caucasus part of Europe by Black Sea – from Georgia …

I just came from there, was in Sorrento for a week in August! Amazing beauty al around; Positano, Capri, and Amalfi which was much prettier than Capri . Loved it all <3

lovely places in Southern Italy, but Capri is my favourite, it’s so charming