CARYS – Princesses Don’t Cry

CARYS – Princesses Don’t Cry – Official Music Video

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Every girl is a princess. Be strong. No one can decide for you.

100% underrated. This song is a complete bop, and it has a real life message. <3

This song first breaks you apart, making you reminisce your memories, it kills you softly. But by the end it also brings the broken parts of you back together. As if it deconstructs you to your basic pain, the entire journey till now…. then it brings back you emotionally stronger. I don’t know exactly how to sum it up.

Behind every strong independent woman lies a broken girl, who had to learn how to get back up and never depends on anyone.🖤

~”Mirror is my best friend because it never laughts at me whenever I cry”

Behind every strong woman there was a little girl who dreamt of changing the world 🖤

Do not apologize for your feelings or for your sensitivity, as they are evidence of your great heart. Showing true feelings is not a sign of weakness as much as it reveals strength.