Charli XCX – Beg For You feat. Rina Sawayama

Charli XCX – Beg For You feat. Rina Sawayama [Official Video]

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The song will repeat

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OMG Charli + Rina! Can’t wait to see you in NY! This new CRASH era is giving us everything.

Yeah when this song played I literally started sing cry for you by September, they sound exactly the same

Come threw if you know the original is cry for you . One of the best songs ever !!! Like this version as well . She’s killing it

The refrain sounds exactly like cry for you by the Swedish artist september

Why isn’t Charli at Ariana Grande’s level of popularity is beyond me. She’s jus the perfect popstar, Rina is amazing as well. Both deserve way more recognition

Dejen de lado que la canción sea una copia de “cry for you”Me asusta ver que nadie menciona el video donde se hace un ritual de sangre!! 🩸 D: dicen que el video esta muy bueno!!! Enserio!!? A nadie le asustan estas cosas 😫?? porque mostrarían algo asi en un video musical donde la letra no tiene nada que ver ???

They’re simply too powerful together

I literally just met her because of the collaboration she will have with Vernon from Seventeen and I can only confirm that she is an excellent artist, I will continue listening to more of her songs because I have loved this one<3