Charlotte Cardin – Anyone Who Loves Me

Charlotte Cardin – Anyone Who Loves Me [Official Music Video]

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I don’t know who hurt this girl but gosh she made a masterpiece of it

She should’ve had an album ages ago, but now that it’s finally out I can see why it was important to her to take her time. Every single song is a masterpiece in its own way. I think Main Girl EP should’ve been an album too tbh. Congratulations on your first album and finally getting the recognition you deserve Charlotte ❤

Je savais d’avance que cette chanson me ferait vibrer aux premières notes, mais pas que les larmes allée couler des les premiers mots… Cette voix et se charisme ❤️ MASTERPIECE

The flow in this song and the lyrics are phenomenal

Crazy how this song describes it all! It’s like transforming my pain into tones and words .. and i can tell how relaxing it is to listen to this inredible voice singing all what you re thinking about , all what s hurting you. Thank you, Charlotte Cardin.

Voyons donc qu’on est témoins de ça 🔥 la chance qu’on a les amis !

This song is simply stunning. Best I’ve heard in years.

wow, I haven’t heard a voice like yours in a long time. Completely in love with this song !

She deserves much more support! She’s just amazing!!!

This reflects my past experience with corruption and abuse at a job I worked at 😔 love you and your music. It warms my soul and life

J’adore ❤️une voix envoutante, pénétrante : qui vous pénètre tellement qu’elle vous devient vite indispensable 💞 Des mélodies à bout de souffle et une belle jeune femme Canadienne authentique et aussi belle que sa musique : Merci Charlotte Cardin 🌹🌹🌹