Charlotte Cardin – “Meaningless” from The Phoenix Experience

Charlotte Cardin – “Meaningless” from The Phoenix Experience [Performance Video]

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Your voice is like a liquid gold. I could listen you all day long, after i witness your live performance in Istanbul you are the one 🙂

The fact that I was listening to the album while getting this notification 😭😍❤️

J’adore cette magnifique artiste. J’adore sa voix et son charisme. Elle me fait vibrer. !!!! I Love U. 😘😘😘🇫🇷

I saw her a few weeks ago in concert, and she sounds insanely good live now that’s all I can listen to. Such a great artist and a beautiful soul 💗

You can hear it, she’s sick. because of the high voice pitch that she tries to sing or because her voice is tired, still amazing vocals love her ^^

I love this song and your voice! Thank you for this version of it too ❤

I’ve been listening to it since the premiere, struggling with love problems at the same time till today. I’am obsessed, poetry.

J’adore cette fille ; avec ses chansons , ELLE m’attrape par le cœur ……et j’aime bien cela ! 🦋🧚🏼🌹😘❤️

J’écoute avec toujours autant de plaisir merci mme Cardin😀

damn charlotte everything you do is amazing!!!