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China’s Last Elephants | Free Documentary Nature

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China’s Last Elephants | Wildlife Documentary

Thousands of elephants once roamed China’s vast continent. Today, only two hundred and fifty are left hiding in the jungles of south-eastern China in a remote place called Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province. Despite all odds they cling on in this ancient and beautiful land, existing on the very brink of extinction. What has caused their demise? Can they be saved? This film documents the quest of one woman, Grace Gabriel to change the way local people feel about these animals and campaign for their conservation. We also follow the mission one wildlife cameraman, Richard Kirby to film these animals in the wild before they are gone forever.


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Good to know that elephants are there in China…poaching is a very serious threat ; across the globe…we need very very strict laws to handle it.

Nice documentary about elephant🐘 and conservation of them.

Thanks for this documentary!

I can’t believe that he didn’t know That there were Wild Elephants in China.🇨🇳

Many moons ago Grandpa told me…*”way down South, where bananas grow, a grasshopper stepped on an elephants toe….the elephant said with tears in its eyes….”go pick on someone your own size”……he then chuckled with his as I asked several sizable questions and he then reflected on the huge grasshoppers he saw overseas .

This is a Documentary Channel i loves watching , just like i watching here now.

At last we seen this wild chinese elephant..tq so much 😭😭😭💗💗💗👍👍👍

In retrospect, the sound balance was amazing! 👍 ✌ 😘

People would prefer to give them food, talk to the,, sing to them, instead of riding them or force them to perform silly games. Conservation and intelligent care are the future for all animals that salvage humans with no education kill for no reason.