Chlöe – Treat Me

Chlöe – Treat Me (Official Video)

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This is perfection. I don’t get Beyonce from this I get Chloe, I don’t get overly sexy from this I get confidence exuding, i love the vocal stacking, I love the visuals. no one is doing this right now and this has put Chloe beyond the pack. This gave me old school rnb meets the new age RnB. Again one word needed and that is perfection. GREAT JOB @chloe

She gave us BODY VOCALS VISUALS AND CHOREO I’m so impressed and humbled to share this slice of space time with Chloe ✨✨✨❤️

I love the background vocals and the choreography. Can’t wait till she performs

she is going to be BIG! & RNB gon make a crazy comeback

I’m so proud of her developing her unique style…the ending harmonies are beautiful

This song is everything and the visuals were just what we needed!!!

divine goddess energy all over this video!! proud of you chloe. you put your heart and soul into this and we can feel it ! ❤️❤️

I definitely love this new sound she’s bringing to the scene. It’s almost like opera mixed with trap and I’m here for all of it.

This song absolutely ATE, the beat, the lyrics, the vocals, and just how catchy the song is! Chloe will rise to the top, you tell ’em!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! <3

One thing about Chloë she gone give us that trap orchestra and I’m here for it 🔥 this is def a bop and I been blasting it since yesterday. The choreo and visuals fiyahhh per usual. She is being herself and the quicker y’all jack it the better 💯