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After firing up a lost 80s survival horror game, a young coder unleashes a hidden curse that tears reality apart, forcing her to make terrifying decisions and face deadly consequences.

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Absolutely riveting. These are the types of movies that belong on Netflix.

This movie reminds me of Bandersnatch and that went in directions I did not expect it to go. I love Asa Butterfield so I am definitely going to watch this!!

This honestly would have been cool as a interactive movie like bandersnatch was

As a horror / thriller fan, this is a MUST watch. Reminds me of a horror called STAY ALIVE…

Looks good! Excited to see Asa in this role 🙂

This looks great! Can’t wait to watch it. The director is really good too, has worked on some creative scripts. So I’m expecting nothing but greatness. And I think they’re gonna turn this interactive too, once it takes off. Best of luck to Asa and the rest of the team!

Love to see how Asa does in this new role, more horror type

0:20 What an amazing scene! I hope this movie doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment

Love anything about cursed 80s games. A must watch.

Wow this looks really really good. I need to watch this when it comes out

Liam Howlett (The Prodigy) first score film . Pure fire !