Chris Brown – Iffy

Chris Brown – Iffy (Official Video)

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Can we just stop and realize that this man has been consistently putting out hits for a long time. I remember when I first heard “run it” while a senior in high school and I loved his music ever since. Here I am today. In my 30s, married with kids who also enjoys some of his songs. It’s not too many artist that can stay relevant for so long!! Hats off to you,Chris! Even if you aren’t a fan or don’t support him from his past…You can’t deny his hard work. He’s still here! 🔥🔥

This dude has to be the best R&B Artist for as long as i can remember. His consistency making hits is unmatched by any current R&B Artist… Everything he touches is a hit… Feats etc… He is the best we have seen in a long long time. Music and dancing videos etc…

Chris Breezy never disappoints…his choreography still rocks 💯💯💯

this is not talent, this is something else. 15 years later still my favorite

Am in love with the instrumental 🔥🔥🔥🇰🇪

How is he putting out weekly hits, iconic videos, and fireee ass choreo!?!?! And FOR YEARS?!?! It’s safe to add him to the list of legends!

It’s time to have that talk… Chris is at that level where’s he’s a living legend. Give the man his flowers.

This song gets better and better everytime you listen it, it’s so addicting.