CKay – Emiliana

CKay – Emiliana (Official Video)

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CKay knows how to capture the perfect images with his songs. Keep breaking barriers big man

Whoever is reading this may that your talent never waste and so will your helper never rest until he or she finds you

Un son avec une sonorité africaine, avec une fille d’un style africain et pour finir tourné dans un pays très africain qui est une Afrique en mignature.. bravo Ckay..Good Job🇸🇳🇳🇬

CKay never disappoints. Perfect video from a perfect artiste. I am so proud to be Igbo, Nigerian and African! Africa’s Boyfriend, we got you always bruh 🇳🇬🇺🇸💜

Artist of the Year !!

Fans of Ckay inside and outside Nigeria gather here 💜

This guy radiates so much positive energy that he has tendency to uplift everyone’s mood