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Clark. Based on the truth and lies of the notorious Swedish bank robber Clark Olofsson – the man who gave rise to the expression the Stockholm syndrome.

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Holy shit. Give this editor a raise. One of the best trailers I’ve seen in ages

It’s nice too see Bill act in his native Swedish. I really want too see Bill in a Romantic drama. He could really nail the role!!

This seems very chaotic…. I’m going to watch it. Plus, I love Bill Skarsgard

The Skarsgard family is talented 🤍

Bill really said let me make movies with and for my people…and I’m here for it.

Love the fact that yet another Skarsgård has his acting debut on this show. Kolbjörn plays the young Clark!

Came for Akerfeldt, stayed for the show. Looks hella fun. May 5 let’s GOOOOOOO.

I love swedish tv shows and I love Bill Skarsgard even more ! I can t wait and will watch it in original version of course not to waste a single crumb of talent of this amazing crew.

Bill is getting more handsome day by day.

Not a good idea to watch this trailer when your parents are with you. I got a deadly stare just now 😅