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Cocos Island: Mystery of the Pacific Ocean | Free Documentary Nature

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Cocos Island protrudes from the Pacific Ocean – a lone volcano peeking out of the blue grey waters, off the Costa Rican coast. The island has many similarities with the fictional Treasure Island, penned by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, himself an intrepid traveler. Maybe he was inspired by tales of Cocos Island as he never went there himself. The tiny island is just 25 sqm2 and covered by an impenetrable jungle of streams, waterfalls and gorges, making it the world’s largest uninhabited island rainforest. Because it is so isolated, unique flora and fauna flourish. Today, as a national park and world natural heritage, park rangers guard and oversee the entire island so it may hopefully remain a treasure for decades and centuries to come.

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What a wonderful program. I truly enjoyed this, after watching so much anger, hatred, diseases, and weather disasters from all around the world. Such a beautiful place, undisturbed by humans. Hope it will remain that way, and the few other places in the world that are similarly wonderful.

If only humans could be more responsible and preserve this beautiful planet we were so blessed with. ðŸĶ… ðŸĶĒ ðŸĶ 🐠 🐟 ðŸŽĢ ðŸŒģ ⛅ïļ 🏝

Its good for me to see somewhere different in the world. Im from Queensland Australia and ive grown up on the Great Barrier Reef all my life and ive been seeing many Fish many Sharks many reefs and all of the above. Im glad to see a different side of the world here.

You brought me there . How exciting & challenging when I imagined I was there swimming together with the big & small creatures under Cocos Island . Amazing!! . Thank you for increasing our learnings..

The documentary has so much detailing that anyone can understand easily. Excellent learning & enjoying. Thanks.

Absolutely amazing footage, love my country Costa Rica

This is a very interesting and Beautiful Documentary…I loved watching this..there were so many kinds of fish and Sea Creatures…so many Hammerhead sharks mating…and White tipped Reef Sharks…the divers weren’t even bothered to swim with them..I loved the two man Submarine & how deep it could go & how much footage they got in the dark Ocean… This is one of the most wonderful Documentary’s I ever seen about the Ocean..Cocos Island is a Treasurer to behold !!…the .Costa Rica Island is so Beautiful, I loved seeing all the pretty Waterfalls too.