Coi Leray – Lonely Fans Lyrics

Coi Leray – Lonely Fans (Official Video)

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[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, Lets go, yeah

[Verse 1] Time is money baby
get that money baby (lets go)
200k in the basement
Four, five, just for the bracelet (ooh)
Want to go somewhere vacant (vacant),
Nobody can see my pain (my pain)
But I sat back and waited (back and waited)
And I sipped on that drink (on that drink)
Cause a drink gon’ make me think (make me think)
Yeah the drink gon’ get me faded (get me faded)
I’m rich and yeah I made it ( bitch I made it),
won’t let the money make me
Thank God that I waited (I waited, uh, yeah)
Thank God that waited (Thank God that I waited)
Lets get this show started (show started)
Bitch I am the show (bitch I am the show)
Back-in get it and go (get it and go)
I don’t wear Jordan lows (No)
Niggas act like hoes (act like hoes)
Bitch my neck froze
Yeah, water, boat
Bitch it’s perfect timing
VVS and 100K on Avianne diamonds
So much water would’ve thought I was a pirate
We don’t do too much
We just move in silence
My brother gon’ hold it down
He gon stay silent
House in the hills with a gate
Got to live in private
Missed that Delta flight, so I flew private
Bought another Rollie cause these bitches be watchin’
Uh Yeah
All I gotta do is sneeze
I’m trending topic
Bitches this off the head,
no pen and we punchin’
Fucked that nigga then I dubbed him
Cause baby I get to the money
I got to get to that uh

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It’s the styles the different personalities for me I love how she can switch it up naturally❤️Go head Coi!😘

This is the flow I love from Coi she only going up from here so happy for her congrats to the biggest Trendsetter ever alive taking the music scene by a storm! ❤️

OUUUUU the outfits!!!! she can pull of masculine and fem fits

She’s so tuff yet so underrated smh, she deserves her respect for truly being herself


Can’t deny her on any level. Her versatility’s so satisfying 🦋😍. She’s on🔥

Coi getting better and better with the bars and everything luv you coi💗

I will confess anytime and everytime…I am a huge fan