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1943, the Great Patriotic War, territory of Belarus. The 16-year-old boy Flera, having dug out a carbine among scraps of barbed wire, rusty machine-gun belts and shot-through helmets, goes into the forest to join the ranks of the partisans.

This film, like no other, shows the tragedy of a child on a battlefield. At the beginning of the picture Flera is just a teenager. But In the end, having gone through horror and fear, child becomes an adult, frighteningly adult – his face is distorted by senile wrinkles, and there is no room for love in his soul…

Year of production: 1985

Director: Klimov Elem
Writers: Alexander Adamovich, Elem Klimov
Composer: Yanchenko Oleg
Operator: Rodionov Alexey
Production designer: Petrov Victor
Cast: Laucevičius Lubomiras, Berda Alexander, Kravchenko Alexey, Mironova Olga, Bagdonas Vladas, Lumiste Juri, Lorenz Victor, Rabetsky Kazimir, Tilicheev Evgeny, Vasiliev Victor, Domrachev Vasily

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Without any desire for exaggeration, this film is nothing like any other on the favourite subject of Soviet Cinema…It’s a milestone…A brutally realistic depiction of the invasion of Belarus by the Nazis, filmed entirely on location, that leaves nothing to the imagination. Excellent acting, by an all amateur cast, direction and haunting music with the raw violence of a war of attrition such as the Great Patriotic War was…A punch in the gut sort of movie, not likely to be forgotten any time soon, if only because of its realism and aftertaste, and a whole new concept in war movies, when it was made ( back in 1984-85)…Thank you Mosfilm, for another excellent upload

Man this is awkward. I saw this movie 2 weeks ago in very low quality, and I still thought it was one of the most gripping, intense and well-made movies I had seen in my whole life. Now, Mosfilms itself is putting the movie online. Guess I’ll have to rewatch it, not that it’s a problem considering how good it is. Thanks for the upload!

The greatest anti-war film ever made, more relevant now than ever before

This movie should never be dismissed as propaganda. No film could ever come close to depicting the horror and brutality inflicted on the peoples of the USSR by fascism. See this, understand it as one small episode among millions just like it and worse; maybe it’ll help people understand why Russians are so agitated at the idea of Nazis holding power on their border.

There is nothing like this – not even remotely – in the great halls of cinema. Not before and not since have I ever found a film that can engage with The Great Patriotic War (all war even) without elevating it to parody, or one that it so fearless about revealing the brutalities inherent in every aspect of conflict.

It is well titled. “Come and See” the director implores. So we come and, to Paraphrase M.R. James ‘Un fois je l’ai vu; mille fois je l’ai senti’. (I saw it once, but I have felt it a thousand times)

After many years, I finally just watched this legendary film. Absolutely met my expectations. It does remind me of the Hungarian film “The Red & The White” [“Csillagosok, katonák” (1967) dir. Miklós Jancsó].

I remember ordering the DVD direct from mosfilm in the 90’s … looking forward to seeing this in HD finally. thank you mosfilm!