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Copper Bill (2020). Full thriller movie.

Two Texas thieves take on the heist of their lives when they scheme to steal $80 million in hidden drug money from the ranch of a dead mob boss.

Director: Brett Bentman
Cast: Thom Hallum, Dustin Rhodes, Katherine Harris

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Half the movie is questioning the tied up girl…..did the director get his rocks off that way,?

Thom Hallum plays the same character in every movie.

nice thriller

that is the most twisted, fucked up movie I’ve seen in a week…

That was my enough money are you crazy ?

the dirty feet were great

Nice one

oh yeah no worries Mr Indian any thing you say cos you’re so scary and Im just a white boy fresh out of acting school

Rarely the movie has such a stupid screenplay , such dumb situations , such pompous dialogs and such an idiotic resolution. It is worthy an Oscar for all of it in one movie. The name of this director Brett Bentman is to be remembered for its immeasurable lack of credibility he had shown in almost every scene. It is an achievement equal to landing the man on tne Moon by us.


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