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King Jesus the Son of Almighty Jehovah God is coming back be ready Church.

Very Nice even though I’m not a religious person, just Spiritual!

King 👑 Jesus is coming back be ready Church. Jesus saved me 🙏 Jesus is our only Saviour, to save us from our sins. The King James Holy Bible Romans chapter 10 verse 9-10 Give your life to the Most High Holy Almighty God 🙏 Jesus. God bless you abundantly all Almighty God made us all the human race. John chapter 3 verse 16 King James Holy Bible For God so loved the whole world 🌎 that God gave Him only begotten Son. Glory Hallelujah Amen 🙏 🙏🙏 Heaven is real and Hell. The lake of 🔥 fire is real Jesus died for our sins on the Cross.

Beautiful !!!

Some people are pure evil. It has got nothing to do with race it has everything to do with power and control, jealousy and arrogance.

Thank you – well produced film on brutal realities. I tried to think that the shame and remorse of evil acts will raise human values…..but on the contrary!

8:49 I do love you at the first sight.

9:22 There are 12 months a year … 30 days a month … 7 days a week….24 hours a day….60 minutes an hour….but only one I love.

Such a lovely movie…sad she had to give up love though .

Fantastic movie!

He said “i will wait as long as you want” 😄hot damn! nowadays no more waiting! It’s the fake relationship. Fake beauty, fake love! Grab ‘n go or drive thru kind of love!!

Very Good Movie. All I can say is i Believe in GOD* And i Pray to GOD to Give JUSTICE to all Good People that Deserve TRUE JUSTICE** if a Person is Good a Color Means Nothing** But I do Believe in my ❤️ that there are More Bad, Evil, People out there in GOD’S WORLD. Most People Don’t Love From The ❤️. They Love MONEY More!!! But in the End they Can’t Take there MONEY With Them, When it’s there Time to Leave GOD’S EARTH** Thank You GOD* For Everything***

Vanessa Williams did a awesome movie just watch movie it touch my heart I enjoy watching it to have faith in the Lord you inspire me right after you are you can play anything and you are so amazing when they movies like this and I know you will be awesome at the end of the movie you’re a great talent person I’ll be watching this movie over and over how you aspire me when you made it when you did this movie it was amazing

Beautiful true story based on the life of Henriette Dalille the first African-American saint. A must watch.

In 1880 in america, in the state of Delaware, the age of consent for sex was 7 years old! History that all of americans should know!

why must god separate man and woman from love ? sexual gratification seems to be rampant but union in love is what? i don’t understand

its always these high yella film stars acting up about slavery and christianity back in the day i tell you the slave owners had the wrong generation

7:13 You’re my one and only.

7:35 You are too good to be true!

“May God help you and your kind.’

I am proudly black.

Qué película tan más falsa! 1. Los ingleses no eran católicos eran anglicanos para ellos los negros no eran humanos. Para los católicos eran hijos del mismo Dios y por lo tanto hermanos.
2. Los esclavos negros de ese tiempo soñaban con huir de los ingleses y llegar a tierras dominadas por los españoles porque ahí ya eran libres.
Los que cometieron todas esas barbaries con los negros fueron los ingleses anglicanos NUNCA la Iglesia Católica de la cual ellos se separaron mucho antes de llegar a América.
3. Si, en Francia si se podían casar ¿Adivinen por qué? Si, Francia era católica.

MATTHEW 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Don’t have this problem here in the United Kingdom crazy yanks problem

It’s a disgrace that we still have issues due to differences in skin colors to this day. No “person” is black or white. The many colors we all are shouldn’t be denied, or fabricated for any reason. There’s only one human race.
The lies of race is a major problem worldwide. The truth shall set everyone free, but even now religious groups hold on to these evil terms that are as toxic today as they were in the past. How can people truly see each other when they’re identifying one another falsely to begin with?

The character of Henrietta brings out the best in her as she discovers (and succumbs to) God’s will for her, even at the expense of marriage to a true gentleman who’s won her heart. It’s fulfilling that she continued to collaborate with her beloved on her new calling: service to the poor.
This is a sterling performance by the enchantingly beautiful Vanessa Williams.

Feast of All Saints ..was so much better.

8:23 I looked at your face and my heart jumped all over the place.

I cried @1:18:15

Lord help me to be courageous. Amen

The real courage…is to love God.And you cannot find restless.I really fan of Ms. Vanessa Williams.


In pre-Civil War New Orleans, Vanessa Williams portrays the African American daughter of a plantation owner. This inspiring true story of heroism and love illuminates the extraordinary life of Henriette Dalille, the first African-American saint. PG-13

Director: Kari Skogland
Stars: Vanessa Williams, Gil Bellows, Karen Williams