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Cyborg Conquest (Chrome Angels) | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie

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Welcome to Elliotsville. It’s like your typical American small town, except the residents are kinda robots. Okay, they’re not so much kinda, they’re pretty much robots. So what happens when you take that set-up and add a gang of sexy female bikers (cause if they were fat and ugly, it just wouldn’t be any fun) and some gun-toting redneck types (I know what you’re thinking: what, there are other types of rednecks?) into the mix?
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2009. Stars: Stacey Dash, Frida Farrell, Monti Domingue

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That was surprisingly unexpected the film just gets better and better as it unfolds 👍❤️

Well done to everyone involved in this movie, really enjoyed it. Thanks guy’s

I really enjoyed this movie, and hope there are more to follow. Thank you.

I liked it when the heroine knocked at the door and said”‘ Mrs Connor?’ A terminator reference.

What a bloody gem of a movie had me hooked from start to finish borrowed a bit of Quinton tarintino movies but that’s a good thing I will watch this again gotta love a pair of 6 guns straped to those thighs

One hour and eleven minutes in, and this movie keeps getting crazier. It stopped making sense after the first scene, and it’s been a fun ride since then.

Damn that was an epic movie good one people especially with Wally boy love that actor he’s still in excellent shape. Thanks 🇨🇦 for the entertainment!!!