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Dangerous Isolation| Full Thriller Movie

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Dangerous Isolation (2006). Full thriller movie.

A top software engineer and her daughter are kidnapped. The kidnappers want her to decrypt sensitive government information, threatening her and her daughter’s life if she doesn’t cooperate.

Director: Rex Piano
Cast: Alexandra Paul, Nicholas Turturro, Tatiana Maslany

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This is the reason why Texans never write movies. When the truck pulled along side of the car, and made it clear they meant to run you off, that’s when you pull out your gun and shoot. When he was behind, the kid would have shot at the truck through the back wind shield. Problem solved. No movie. True story: Had to evacuate due to hurricane. My husband could not, as he was a first responder, so I left with my neighbors, following them in my jeep. We finally made it to a destination, and had to wait in a long line for gas. They had set up a gas station for evacuees only. Waiting in line, I was separated from my neighbor; they were ahead of me, several cars up. I noticed the truck in back of me because the man driving kept staring at me and put his truck so close it almost touched by bumper. I did not like the way he was staring with a glare. I called my neighbor and explained what was going on, he told me get out of line and come to him and get in front. I did, as I pulled out I could see that truck driver got furious. As it turned out, the gas attendees were directing cars to the pumps. Again, I got separated from my neighbor. And as I got out to pump my gas, who do you think pulls up in back of me — that truck driver. He got out of his truck and was walking towards me with the meanest glare on his face. I was standing in the open door of my jeep and without missing a beat I reached down and took my pistol in hand. Dropped it to my side and turned to face him straight on, glaring right back at him. He stopped dead in his tracks and slowly backed to his truck. At this time, my neighbor pulled up on the road, saw my stance, and shouted, “…what is going on?” “Nothing, now”, I said. “Just wait right there for me.” I never took my eyes off the truck driver. With my neighbor now there, he did not make any move as I returned the pump to the cradle and got back in my jeep. True story. No telling what could have or would have happened had I not made it clear that I would shoot. We were in broad daylight, and the station crowded with cars, yet that asshole had every intention of approaching me. This is why I will never leave my state of Texas. I am allowed to protect myself by any means necessary. The only time I leave home without my special friend is if I am with my husband. Then he has his special friend with him. Yep, this is why Texans do not write movies. It would be over in 10 minutes.

never expected it to be so good. Though slightly boring in the beginning, subsequently picks up a very fast pace, unbelievably . very crisp. characters extremely lovable.

good movie… we need a part 2 now….

Thank you for uploading the video and sharing 👍

The actress who played the daughters role she is a fabulous actress, I watched her Netflix series clone.

Point # 1: Any armed person (in particular, any policeman) will never come too close to any perp, standing and ready to fight back. The first lesson for a policeman is about keeping a safe distance from any subject, in particular from a suspect or, even more so, from a perp. Point # 2: Any person in danger will not aim at the perp’s back, but at the perp’s head (if they can, as was the case twice in the film). Very few things are safer for the victim than the perp’s open skull.

wow! this was a LOT better than I expected, no wonder he became a star

Great movie thanks for uploading.

Counted perfectly 52 without any doubts or problems 👍👍👍

y do u always have to leave the suspect alive or at least wound them hard so they cant escape?!!!😠

Counted perfectly and exactly 64 also without any doubts or problems 👍👍👍

This is an awesome and breath-taking movie. Worth to watch.👌👍