Dead Again | Full Apocalyptic Horror Movie | 2021 | Watch Full Movie

Dead Again | Full Apocalyptic Horror Movie | 2021 | Zombie Virus Outbreak!

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Dead Again – A VIRUS IS LOOSE. In rural village where crime is non existent, a police sergeant is retiring out of boredom. He is sent a young recruit fresh out of police school. All hell is about to break loose in this apocalyptic horror film.
2021. Stars: Tony Fadil, Elliot Cable, Donald Trump (archive footage), Boris Johnson, (archive footage), Emmanuel Macron(archive footage)

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I’ve seen this one before and it is hilarious. Real fun to watch. That’s why I am watching it again.

The only positive I can pick from this is every new character looks like a zombie always making you wonder who’s safe

The movie was alright, but could have used a little more zombie action. Still a good watch. Comments from Columbus Ohio.

Excellent Zombie Flick!

7:50 Absolutely now way he could sneak up on that guy. If he didn’t hear he could sure as hell smell him

Hilarious! Really entertaining zombie romp.

😂 that was fun! thanks

It is like a slower, British version of “The Dead Don’t Die”. Good for a laugh.

6:36 You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.

16:15 You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.