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Deadly Tree Killers – The Strangler Fig | Free Documentary Nature

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Some ficus species are strangler figs. The seeds are eaten by birds and pass through the digestive tract undamaged. If they are excreted on the branch of a tree, they remain stuck there thanks to the mistletoe-like slimy seed coat, sprout, thrive and proceed to strangle its host tree

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Here in South Africa we have many species of ficus. One is the ‘Wonderboom’ North of Pretoria. The tree propagates when the branches hang down and where they touch the ground a new tree grows. The tree was once able to shelter 1000 people, but a devastating fire in the late 1800s destroyed part of the growth. It’s estimated to be over 1000 years old, and fortunately now a national nature reserve.

Lovely journey! Thank you to these two who suffered much to bring us an Oscar performance showing the power of creation. God bless.

I refreshed my self by watching such amazing documentary that you have made, I love your team work and they way its described the nature, its really amazing and appreciable work you have done,

Hmmm, would be interesting to see if these trees could be used to set up living structures in their home environment. Would need patience, but the end result would likely be amazing.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen such a fascinating Documentary on nature, and one particular specie of tree at that. Thank you so much for this composite of interesting information. You’ve broadened my mind and my scientific vocabulary, (Epiphytes). I must remember to try and squeeze that into a conversation sometime. “Seen and good Epiphytes lately?” Or, “Those new employees, hang around the water cooler, like a heap of Epiphytes.” Thanks!

i loved it, i only wish i could be in the heart of nature, to feel it, this documentary is AMAZING, 5*STARS

All of the flora and fauna that have become dependent on this mammoth tree are totally unbelievable! These trees are a microworld to themselves! Supporting a whole section of the South American rain forest. Awe inspiring in themselves!

Another masterpiece of documentary.. and it’s for free? We are indeed blessed. Thank you for sharing and kudos to the people behind of this masterpiece.