Dermot Kennedy – Better Days

Dermot Kennedy – Better Days (Official Music Video)

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I don’t think this man realizes how much he impacts people, his music has has pulled me out more dark times than I can count! I saw him live and it was such a surreal moment in my life! He continues to blow me away each time a new song comes out! <3

Been homeless for five years in and out of b&bs temporary accommodation sleeping in bushes on benches and I went to view my first flat today, it’s mine signing tenancy in a week or two then moving in. The rain defiantly isn’t forever and we must all thank this man for his music. My story’s about to change ❤️

This song really hits home. Im in a toxic relationship and I know its time to leave and get out and this song is helping me so much knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sending positive vibes to everyone x

Free and I love life more than ever before! I wish this to everyone reading! Your day is coming too!

I’ve heard this song on the radio other day and I was so happy to hear it and made me think back at my life for past 7 years and how it was written perfect in fitting my life! And I am singing this song, together!

I am dancing in the sun! After 7 years of battling with depression and suicidal thoughts I’m free!

I’m at the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life right now. This song is what keeps me going. Thank you.