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Despiser | Full Movie | Horror Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Despiser – Gordon crashes his car, dies and finds himself in Purgatory. He teams up with a heroic gang of freedom fighters who had given their lives battling for good. Together they set out to conquer the fortress of the Despiser; the ultimate ruler of this Godless land of chaos.
2003. Stars: Mark Redfield, Doug Brown, Gage Sheridan
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I thought honestly all in all it was a really good movie thank you for sharing it

For people reading comments first: if you like movies from 90′ – story, special effects, music – Vangelis/ Gregorian mix with electronic music, good acting, then this movie is for you. I like it. 9/10

The movie looks good I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome

Thanks for uploading ❤️❤️🔥

Great movie, nice animation..really enjoyed this movie…thanks for sharing

Ill give a before and after review. Before: this looks delightfully stupid. I hope that it doent take itself seriously and is more tongue in cheek.

The same level as an episode of Batman.

This was a fun movie 🎬.

Talent and story where a perfect match. this show is entertaining.3.5/5! Liked it…!!

Based on this movie’s IMDB reference, it doesn’t appear to have jump started the careers of any of its stars. Edit: honestly though, if it were a community theater project, it’d be pretty solid. Especially for 2003.

It definitely did try to make it self to serious ruining any chance this movie had!!!