Digga D x Hotboii – Rambo

Digga D x Hotboii – Rambo (Official Video)

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The song will repeat

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Digga just keeps climbing the ladder with every song

Ever since Woi Digga D been on top of his game and shows hes never lost his talent and way even after all the bullsh*t hes been through still comes out on top and produces music for us 💯🔥

One of the best songs on the album imo, along with attention and intro

Other UK x US collabs just sound forced and so wrong but Diggas actually making tunes with them…Were definitely living in a moment to remember

The way hotboii jumps on diggas flow is ard. Digga is fasho the best in the uk

Perfect combination. Hotboii addlibs behind Digga vocals are craaazy! Yall should do more songs. Now now talk about the real juice Digga D is dragging London to the states bro ‘ Im in America strapped with a Baretta, aint leaving my kife thats the London in me”. Respek Aya

Uk x Us 🔥🔥🔥 I also like that song “Dupe – Stil Harlemi “

This is the best one so far, I’d say he should experiment a bit more and find other sounds. He’s still got it, never lost it

They need a whole album together that shit would break record’s

To the people this was recommended to 10 years in the future: Digga D was the most consistent UK rapper back in 2022.