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Displacement (2016). Full thriller movie.

A young physics student must find a way to reverse a deadly quantum time anomaly and solve the murder of her boyfriend while battling short-term memory loss and time slips caused by the event.

Director: Kenneth Mader
Cast: Courtney Hope, Susan Blakely, Bruce Davison

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Thank you so much Kenneth for this truly amazing film. Kudos to the cast and crew + thank you commenters. (lol haven’t looked yet) I am always amazed when someone comes through with an idea to fruition. I will always wonder about the mind that can create such ideas. I ponder my own mind and still wonder. Sincerely I remain, Sentebey at 78 years old.

I eagerly await the first time in movie history that a character experiences a vivid apparition and is NOT ridiculed by the person they confide in. THAT would be original

To understand this movie one must be familiar with quantum mechanics, time displacement ruptures, time loops within time loops, particle configuration and particle disruption, and time reversal displacement ruptures in coexisting irregular time loops. Kidding aside, the acting is very good and the movie keeps your attention once you get into it. This movie is unique and worth watching.

Interesting time shift movie with great use of flashback/forwards nicely resolved by the end. Not often a movies esteems the ‘science nerds’ of this world – my brother is one – but very welcome. Pleasantly entertaining. 😎

I enjoyed the movie and it brought up many good points. Einstein believed in causation. He did not figure into his equations the amount of energy that gravitation creates in the universe. Nor did he count on “anti-matter.” We are going to make so many discoveries about things like time travel and it won’t be a long time coming. In the next 20 years.

Love a good time travel story. This one was very interesting.

My ads kept getting interrupted by this movie. Kind of annoying. Actually, the movie was well done. The ads did keep interrupting the flow of the movie.

A movie I can really sink my teeth into . Thanks

This movie watched me lastnight, now am watching it lol

Another brilliant movie